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Service Kits

Contain a Bill of Materials and instructions needed to implement a Service Bulletin or Service Letter.

AgustaWestland AW119 Air Conditioning
Air Conditioning
Airbus EC120 Air Conditioning
Airbus EC130 Air Conditioning
Airbus EC135 Air Conditioning
Airbus EC145 Air Conditioning
Bell 206 Air Conditioning
Bell 206 Heating System
Bell 407 Air Conditioning
  • SK-ES10505-10_RevNC
    Replacement of 24 Volt Air Conditioner Compressor Clutch Coil
  • SK-407EC-500-1_RevNC
    Hardware necessary to return ACC/BEll 407 air conditioner to service once the Airspeed Actuated Pedal Stop (AAPS) 704-004-101/103 is installed on the Bell 407 helicopter
  • SK-407EC-502-1_RevNC
    Conversion of the Air Comm Corporation 407EC-202-1 Single LH Fwd Evap or 407EC-202-3 Single RH Fwd Evap Air Conditioning System to 407EC-202-2 Dual Fwd Evap Air Conditioning System
  • SK-S-6019EC-1_RevNC
    Replacement of Panasonic Fwd Evaporator Blower Motor to current version.
  • SK-ES10505-11_RevNC
    Replacement of Compressor Shaft Seal
Bell 412 Air Conditioning
  • SK-S-6019EC-1-4_RevN/C
    Replacement of Panasonic Fwd Evaporator Blower Motor to current version.
  • SK-412-6032_RevA
    Spares replacement of 412 Aft Evaporator Blower Motors
  • SK-412AC-508_Rev1
    Replacement of Model 412 air conditioner receiver drier bottle, attaching hardware and plumbing connections
Bell 427 Air Conditioning
Bell 427 Heating System
Bell 429 Air Conditioning
Bell 430
Bell 430 Air Conditioning